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Magnet Digital and Data has been a leading technology company since 2011. We operate nationwide and have over 1,200 customers.

During our decade-long existence, Magnet Digital has provided cutting-edge technology solutions to companies large and small. Our company is “Solution Driven” developing some of the most comprehensive technology solutions to help businesses re-invent themselves, thus generating new sources of Revenue for themselves.  Magnet Digital creates technology solutions that support digital efforts in the marketing realm, but more importantly in the necessary technical foundations underneath. 

Many marketing companies can perform marketing, but few companies can build the software platforms that “drive the marketing solution”. This unique skillset allows our firm to merge marketing and technology into one solution that is customized to your specific company’s business needs. For example, one of our mid- sized clients needed a digital Product Pricing Tool that could support their Sales efforts. This digital Product Pricing Tool had to be used by both internal sales people and their customers. The Branding had to represent their long time position as a “trusted partner” and be User Friendly. 

Our Solution was to make this product web-based instead of dependent on One Drive platform, making it accessible to anyone anywhere there was an Internet connection. The software reflected the updated Branding of this client and employed newly developed AI that processed many different customer pricing options. 

The Result was a flexible user-friendly marketing and sales tool that made Project Estimates easier to create, thus making the client’s decision making process faster, ultimately generating more revenue.

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