Revenue generation, are you marketing to the right customer?

Are you using up your daily budget without receiving any conversions?

If you are using up your daily budget but not seeing a positive ROI, are you marketing to the right customer?

We apply statistics to paid search to better target customers likely to convert, optimizing your paid search budget, from pay-per-click and overall click-through-rate. Also using re-marketing can be a strategic component of your advertising by providing timely touch points to drive your customers to your website and app when they’re most engaged. This saves you money while increasing results.

With Enhanced Campaigns, did you know…

  • Desktops and tablets are no longer distinct.
  • Mobile bidding will be allowed only at the ad group and campaign level.
  • Display networks can still have device-specific campaigns.
  • You can use new URL parameters to determine appropriate landing pages.

Let us create a simple A/B test for you in this area. This way you can see for yourself how our paid search methodology compares to the service you use today.